Turkish Plastics is a global platform created to promote the Turkish plastics market as well as other markets and to make them more accessible. It is impartial, and open to all the actors of the industry. It continuously strives to improve itself.

The platforms voice, Turkish Plastics Magazine, is an interactive, bi-monthly journal designed in view of the new reading habits of the 21st century. It uses all that the Internet has to offer, as well as creating new capabilities, and melds these together with the prestige of classical media. It is accessible through all digital platforms and is integrated with the communication tools of social media.

Our readers, supporters and team are our partners on our journey to the future. Thank you for joining us.

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Turkish Plastics has a fun and accessible publishing approach that brings you accurate and impartial information, covers current industry news, and treats its subject matters in a detailed manner.


Turkish Plastics is a visionary entity which brings together a traditional publishing approach and the new media in its Turkish Plastics Magazine.


Turkish Plastics is a platform that makes it possible for all actors of the global industry to get to know other actors and gain access to all markets.


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